Hi, I am Nikos.
I live in Crete and I Like capturing moments with my camera!

Life is simple, we don't need much to be happy.
The journey is the destination!!

Blogger / Filmmaker / Visual Artist

Hi, I am Mihaela.
I live in Crete and I like to travel and write!

Since I've been here, I've discovered that “less means more”, I spend a lot of time in nature, I cultivate my inner garden with peace and harmony and I always smile. My inspiration drives me to new joyful and interesting experiences that I love to share with you. Stay happy!

About Daily CRETE 

Discovering and Exploring the Best of Crete.
Everyday moments of our life on this beautiful Island.
Travel Blog and More!

 On our trips, we visit places, talk to local people and tourists, and bring you real-life experiences, tips, reviews, and other essential information about Crete. We enjoy being in nature, connecting to its  vibrations, sounds, colors, shapes, aromas, and capturing unique scenes of this multisensory show.

 With us, you will discover amazing destinations from around Crete, famous landmarks, and activities you might be interested in, but also less known places that you will never find on maps or in tourist guides.

 We share with you our world of multimedia adventures, inspiring stories, and relaxing moments with an artistic touch so that you can enjoy Crete anywhere and anytime! 

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