When it comes to the island of Crete, what do you imagine?

 Romantic sunsets, with the sunlight melting in the sea, smooth beaches or spectacular shores embroidered in turquoise waves, sunny hills covered with vineyards and olive groves, and majestic mountains piercing the sky with their silver peaks? The sacred cave where Zeus was born, or the ruins of the Palace of Knossosthe amazing Minoan civilization from the Bronze Age, considered the heart of European civilization? Byzantine monasteries and churches with saints still alive in the frescoes and icons faded over time?

 Perhaps you think of Venetian fortresses, mansions, and elegant fountains, enduring the centuries alongside opulent Ottoman mosques? Or, perhaps, to the towns and villages with terraced architecture and narrow streets, through which you get lost wandering and stopping to chat with the locals through rustic taverns, cafes full of tempting aromas and traditional souvenir boutiques, of which you feel like never leaving...

 Surely, you recognize from the first chords the sirtaki that conquered the whole world. The Cretan spirit is vibrant and transcendent, you feel it in the hearts of the people, in music and dance, in traditions and folk feasts.

 Missing a picturesque vacation in a country house with white walls and blue joinery, enveloped in Mediterranean breezes and multi-colored cascades of bougainvillea? Or do you prefer a luxurious all-inclusive resort, with wellness & spa facilities, for a week of total relaxation?

 Then come on! Time to pack for Crete!