When it comes to the island of Crete, what do you imagine?

 Romantic sunsets, with the sunlight melting in the sea, smooth beaches, or spectacular shores embroidered in turquoise waves, or sunny hills, covered with vineyards, olive groves, and oranges? The cave where Zeus was born, or the ruins of the Palace of Knossos and the amazing Minoan civilization from Bronze Age, or the Byzantine churches with saints still alive in the frescoes and icons faded by the flow of time?

 Maybe you think of Venetian palaces, fortresses, and basilicas, surviving for centuries, along with the imposing Ottoman mosques? Or, maybe, to the cities with terraced architecture and narrow streets on which you simply get lost, stopping to chat with the locals in the rustic taverns with souvlaki and raki, aromatic cafes, or traditional souvenir boutiques, that you can hardly leave?…

Come with us to discover Crete!