Hotels Accommodation In Crete / Where to Stay

Meaningful Places for Unforgettable Hospitality Experiences 

Crete, the largest holiday island in Greece, annually attracting almost 4 million tourists from around the world, offers a wide range of accommodation options, associated with a variety of food, wellness, and leisure services. Most of the accommodation consists of hotels of any conceivable size, style, and class while the cost of standard services is generally far lower than in northern European countries. 

 The northern part of the island is more developed in terms of infrastructure and tourist amenities, with upscale hotels and cosmopolitan all-inclusive resorts, while also hosting most urban localities and main roads network. The South is more exotic but harder to reach, with quieter resorts and old fishing villages with rustic lodging houses scattered along the rocky shores. 

 Self-catering apartments, suitable for families and long stays, cheap studios, or even simple rooms for young minimalist couples and loners, are very popular all over Crete. As a current trend, luxury villas with pool and holiday homes for rent meet growing demand. The boosting of rural and eco-tourism has turned the old country houses into rustic guesthouses. Many natural and cultural explorers prefer alternative experiences such as touring the island by rented camper vans, pilgrimage hosted by monasteries, or city breaks at boutique hotels in the historic centers of Cretan towns.