Essence of Life - A restless worker bee!

 The Wonderful Bees and Their Aromatic Elixir of Life 
 A restless worker bee "Apis mellifera" is collecting the scented and rich pollen from a spring flower, on a sunny day. Bee honey, also known as the "nectar of gods" or "elixir of life" is considered from ancient times a source of health, energy, and vitality. Due to the wide variety of aromatic plants, Cretan honey is characterized by a signature flavor that you don't want to miss...

 Bees were an important symbol in Minoan culture, representing fertility, communication, and community. The Minoans were renowned for their honey production, and honey and beeswax were used for a variety of purposes, including medicinal and religious rituals. The Minoans were also recognized for their artistic sense and mastery of gold working.

 One of the most iconic pieces of Minoan jewelry is the Golden Bee pendant found at the Malia Palace Archaeological Site. The Golden Bee pendant is made of cast gold and features two bees on either side of a central hive. It is a remarkable example of Minoan craftsmanship and has become a popular symbol of the island of Crete and its rich cultural heritage. Today, the Golden Bee pendant can be seen at the Archaeological Museum of  Heraklion, where it is considered among the most valuable exhibits.

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