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Cretan Hospitality and Traditional Cuisine at the AVLI Restaurant in Malia

How about a festive meal with your family and friends in a cozy yard, or a romantic candlelight dinner on a beautiful roof balcony, with nice Greek music in the background?
 Welcome to AVLI Restaurant in the old town of Malia, open all year round! 
AVLI is a very popular place to eat with both tourists and locals, grace to its philosophy of traditional healthy cooking, the wide selection of exquisite dishes with signature tastes and flavors, the beautiful ambiance, and good prices for the quality and experience.

The Place

 We invite you to discover this historical mansion, renovated and elegantly redecorated in authentic Cretan style, with a slight touch of cozy modernism, that makes everyone feel comfortable and relaxed! A space of multi-sensory experience, local culture, and fine dining with a unique atmosphere and personality that embraces you from the first moment and stimulates your senses and appetite…

 Looking around, AVLI’s concept inspires refinement and harmony coming right from the heart of the house or even from the smallest details, like carpentry or tableware… The elements of interior design fit harmoniously with the historical architecture. The stone walls with wide arcades and beamed ceiling, the old wooden doors with iron inserts, and the subtle wall lighting create a thematic balance environment where aesthetics form an essential part of the service package.

 You can choose a table in the inviting warmth of the veranda, either in the dining salon, or private comfortable booth, or in the most favorite sector – the balcony, to fully enjoy the charming panorama. 

 The open kitchen is a spectacular scene, decorated with colorful painted pots filled with ingredients and goodies, fresh and dry vegetables presented artistically, and well-organized shelves with utensils and cookware, ready for action.

The Food

 Based on the traditional Cretan and Mediterranean diet, the menu has a wide selection of tasty ”mezes” (snacks) and light starters, main dishes based on pork, goat, beef, lamb, seafood, vegetable, and aromatic herbs that melts in your mouth, and some delicious desserts. The freshness of genuine ingredients, the presentation of the dishes, and the extremely generous portions enriched with spicy or herbaceous flavors are outstanding.

 Table accessories, the cutlery, and crockery are attentively selected due to their importance in increasing the food’s appeal and, from the visual point of view, connecting the ritual of eating with the pleasant surroundings.

 On our trips to Malia, we never miss the opulent AVLI’s Cretan Salad, but a good choice would also be a savory meat grill or the sophisticated seafood with the delicious house wine.

  A traditional wood oven ”xilofourno” in which the fresh bread and many savory dishes are baked gives the guests the feeling of being at home, enjoying the flavor of soul-cooked food… In the past, the wood oven was an essential tool in homemade bread baking, in preparing rusks, and drying fruit and nuts. Even if wood ovens do a lot of meat roasting today, bread still means everything in Crete though…and AVLI’s bread-making keeps this beautiful tradition alive.

 Try to save some room for seductive desserts like “Galaktoboureko” or chocolate soufflĂ©.  In the end, you may be tempted by the assortments of sweets or fresh fruits from the house – they are wonderful – and … don’t refuse to yourself the delicious “lethal” raki with rose syrup! It’s the perfect digestive drink and the last taste you will stay with… Yamas!


The People

 With its very friendly, attentive, and welcoming staff that goes above and beyond, at AVLI, the ritual of serving and eating becomes an unforgettable experience. Guests are enjoying their meal happy and smiley, having a brilliant time in a charming atmosphere. Good vibes and joy are in the air and “contaminate” your spirit…

 Throughout history, eating together – "commensality", from everyday food to feasts has been a family tradition in all the worlds’ cultures, but also an important ritual of sharing with other members of the community. Nowadays, social eating has become even more popular than before. At AVLI, we discovered a nurturing multicultural space, where people from everywhere are meeting to eat, talk, explore, share, discuss, and connect with each other.


 The cooks unleash their energy, creativity, and passion in the process of making food and push themselves for mastery in the art of authentic Greek and Mediterranean gastronomy with their signature of modern interpretation.

 Even in the first year of operation, according to the appreciation of its customers, AVLI is ranked Most Favorite Restaurant in Malia in 2018 on Trip Advisor.

 For its welcoming, active, and harmonious team of professionals and for its services and food designed to “feel like home”, we would say that AVLI represents a flagship in Cretan hospitality and cuisine.

 If you love Cretan & Mediterranean gastronomy, then AVLI may be your next choice. It's well worth a visit or more…

Location and contact
Ag. Ioannou 2 28 Oktovri, Malia, Crete 70007 Greece
Website avli-malia.gr
Tel: +30 2897 031112

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