Cretan Tastes and Flavors at Kalyva Tavern/ Video

 Flavors, tastes, colors, ingredients ... Get to know the rustic, pure, authentic essence of Crete, placed on a plate! You are at Kalyva ("The Hut"), a Cretan tavern with traditional food, located in an unspoiled natural setting near Potamos Beach! The place is close to the archeological site of Malia Palace, 3 km east of the tourist town of Malia.

  We also found here a wonderful place to walk, with an interesting story, which we enjoyed after a long lunch at Kalyva. If you stay at the beach until later, all you can wish for is a dinner on the terrace, with an enchanting sunset and a delicious, hearty meal!

We invite you to indulge in the warm and friendly atmosphere of the tavern, in the next video.

Don't miss Kalyva when you reach Potamos Beach in Malia!

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