Open Doors Lyrarakis Vineyard 2013 / Video

 Musical pictures of happiness and enjoyment have come together in this video, great times at Lyrarakis Domain for the 2013 Open Doors event!

The Lyrarakis 'Open Doors' events are filled with flavours, colours, scents, knowledge and of course, plenty of wine!

Come and meet the people behind the name, learn about local, international, popular but also rarer varieties, familiarize yourselves with the uses of Verjuice in cookery and other fields, learn about the art of wine tasting and enjoy all the planned events organized for youngsters and adults alike!

 Lyrarakis is a family winery (est. 1966) based on the island of Crete, Greece. Lyrarakis focuses on the production of internationally recognized premium wines, mainly from autochthonous, hard-to-find varieties of the island of Crete.

Filming Locations: Alagni


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