Springtime in Lyrarakis Vineyard / Video

 Spring is an exciting time in the vineyard. The grapevines start to develop their full canopy and transform the dramatic winter landscape into a spectacular view. Moving into the cycle of the grapevine life, the plants go through a stage we call flowering.
 Flowering or blooming is the stage where the pollination and fertilization of the grapevine take place, to develop the grape berries. Spring is a very active time in the vineyards and activities such as shoot thinning, leaf removal, topping and preventative sprays against fungal diseases take place. The viticultural team is working well to ensure the best of the vines and the fruit, preparing them for the ripening period.

 Lyrarakis is a family winery (est. 1966) based on the island of Crete, Greece. Lyrarakis focuses on the production of internationally recognized premium wines, mainly from autochthonous, hard-to-find varieties of the island of Crete. 

Find more information about Lyrarakis Winery, and watch more videos here

Filming Locations: Alagni

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