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Wine Tasting and Cellar Experience at Lyrarakis Wines

Wine, the aromatic liquor, known from antiquity as the "drink of the gods" which the god Dionysus himself taught people to prepare from the plant of life - the vine, is a staple of Greek culture and civilization. The importance of wine is highlighted in the multitude of mythological stories, archaeological and historical evidence, and mostly in lifestyle habits and Greek traditions, still vivid across generations.

The fascinating story of Cretan wine traced back to the brilliant ancient Minoan Civilization and its present strong reputation has lit up our desire to start the itinerary with Alagni area, very popular for its old tradition in wine cultivation and winemaking with great significance in the local agrarian history.


450 m altitude above sea level in the heart of the island, we discovered a green valley, full of vineyards and olive groves, blessed by the mild climate, bathed in the light of the sun, and energized by the fresh air of the mountain Dikti.

 Alagni is a small village about half an hour's car ride from Heraklion, where wine holds special importance in peasants' life. Every household has its own winemaking cellar with “patitiri” (πατητιρι), the wine grape press, not only for that wine was always a basic component of the Cretans diet, but also due to the valuable tradition in local wine production and distribution.


Tradition, passion, vision, and style: Lyrarakis Wines 

 In this cultural and geographical context, coming to the modern times after periods of historical and economical adverse conditions, a perseverant hard-working family, devoted to tradition, has founded and developed one of the most famous wineries of Crete – Lyrarakis Wines.

 Established in 1966, Lyrarakis Wines is considered a pioneer in Cretan viticulture, grace to the family’s contribution to the revival of some extinct grape varieties, and also in the vinification of indigenous, unknown, or rare grapes, which successfully turned into signature products.


 Masterfully using the knowledge and experience gained, keeping the tradition alive, and implementing new technologies and a modern marketing approach in the old family business, the new Lyrarakis winemakers generation has managed to successfully elevate the company's position among the best high-quality winery in Crete.

 Lyrarakis certified organic wines now conquer the world, becoming popular in foreign markets and winning awards in international competitions. New varieties of fine wines, which can satisfy all tastes and choices are constantly being presented to the consumers. New textures, aromas, and flavors, which can nobly complement any dish, get the appreciation of the wine experts and connoisseurs, being increasingly preferred by the general public, as well.


Lyrarakis, a wine & recreation destination on the Cretan culinary map 

 Luis Fernando Olaverri, the popular winemaker and expert said once that „wine is the only artwork you can drink”. For the connaisseurs, savoring wine from a glass is an artistic gesture. But for you? How about an experience of exploration, tasting, and learning, leaving you inspired by the history, art, and craft of winemaking? You now have the opportunity to discover a new way to appreciate a good wine, which delights the senses, along with Cretan cuisine and hospitality!

 At Lyrarakis, you can enjoy a delightful journey of curiosity, imagination, and multisensory pleasure. In the beautiful vineyard, spread as far as the eye can see and harmoniously twinned with the natural environment, the catchy story of the aromatic wines and their magic touch, carry you to a world outside of time and space...


 Welcome to the land of Lyrarakis winery –  distinctive wines of Crete! You will find well-organized activities for visitors such as degustation package options, a calendar for open events, and a highly professional English presentation, accompanied by warm and authentic smiles!


A walk in the vineyard, wine tasting, and cellar experience

 During your guided tour in the vineyards, you will find out very interesting information about different local varieties of wines - particularly about the white ones such as “Plyto”, and “Dafni”, both saved of extinction and successfully re-introduced to the market by Lyrarakis winery. Also, the revival of the endemic red grape “Mandilary” and the creation of the pure red wine, is one of the big successes of the family.

 If your visit is happening in the harvest season, which typically falls between August and October, you are even luckier! You will enjoy the sweetness and the flavors of the grapes together with the worker bees right in the vineyard and you will have the chance to learn how to differentiate between varieties of grapes and their characteristics.


 In the vine museum,  the ambiance invites you for a little rest, while admiring the walls full of family pictures, international trophies and diplomas, and the exhibition of award-winning wines in stylishly shaped bottles with elegant labels. Don’t miss taking a historical picture!

 You may choose for a presentation and degustation of the exquisite varieties of wines, assorted with the classic snacks consisting of the house’s olives and crispy dry bread with aromatic herbs, or even with a plate of excellent sorts of cheese, on-demand.


 The cellar is the treasure of the house, the testimony of the talent, and the effort of the two Lyrarakis generations of winemakers. The guided visit will invite you to discover the diversity and uniqueness of the Lyrarakis wine collection, the legacy of know-how, and creativity from its inception until today.

 It has always been a perfect accompaniment between alcohol, food, socializing, and relaxation, on Crete island. As an ingredient of living well, drinking wine in moderation and sharing it with friends and family, is a proven healthy habit with physical, mental, and spiritual benefits... 

 Once upon a time, it was an age when wine was the drink of struggles, an indispensable feature of the cult of death and honor. It is said that the drink had the power to sanctify a man's word, to make the warriors tell the truth, and an oath sealed with wine drunk together was of greater value: “In vino veritas! (in wine lies the truth)”.

 In a world of peace and harmony, a glass of wine can warm hearts, unlock the secrets of the soul, and builds bridges between people... Among the famous words about wine, we found this quote that perfectly reflects what is all about: “Wine to me is passion. It's family and friends. It's the warmth of heart and generosity of spirit.”  (Robert Mondavi).


 Besides the memorable experience of learning about history, aromas, flavors, and textures, and more than emotions that arise while savoring it, a glass of Lyrarakys wine is about friendship, gentility, well-being, and... falling in love with life!

Yamas! Cheers!


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