How to choose accomodation in Crete

Between Luxury Resorts And Minimalist Studios

 When selecting accommodation, it's essential to consider factors such as location, proximity to the beach or other attractions, room comfort, convenience, availability, quality of service, and the overall image of the property. Studying reviews and ratings on booking platforms or social media can provide valuable information from other tourists who have stayed before, revealing the place's reputation. If being close to the beach is a priority (which it likely is), all hotels with "Beach" in the name indicate that they have their own beach.

 Coastal areas offer a wide range of accommodations. It is advisable to book in advance to secure better prices and availability at beachfront hotels or rooms with sea views if preferred. Most hotels in Crete are on booking portals such as Booking, Hotels, Trivago, and Expedia. The accommodations range from economical 2-3 star bungalows at 50-80 euros per night to luxurious 5-star hotels with upscale facilities, heliports, private beaches, Olympic pools, spa centers, and golf clubs, which can cost over 1000 euros per night. Many hotels can be contacted directly through their booking forms for inquiries or reservations.

 On the North Coast, you can find well-organized holiday resorts suitable for couples and families, and popular places for young people with affordable accommodations and vibrant nightlife. There are also exclusive boutique hotels and luxury all-inclusive resorts that proudly host international celebrities and VIPs.

 The South is more exotic and remote, with stunning landscapes and rocky shores. Here, you'll find quieter, secluded bohemian-style resorts, old fishing villages with budget hotels, rustic family apartments, and beach studios.

 As you head to the mountainous inland, you will discover old famous villages that have become popular tourist destinations, focusing on rural and eco-tourism. Here, you can find mansions, guest houses, or households offering rooms for tourists. You can also experience the local lifestyle of the Cretan peasants, including their food, customs, traditions, local crafts, and agricultural activities.

There are many options for city accommodations, including luxury boutique hotels in revitalized historic buildings, modern high-end or budget hotels, or guest rooms in youth hostels.

Monasteries in less known or remote areas may offer pilgrims free accommodation for a few days, while retreat resorts organize camps in wooded areas, hosting their members in rustic cottages.

For adventurers, there are recommended routes with tent campsites and caravan parks for those touring the island with a four-wheeled house.

If you prefer organizing your holiday independently, just browse Booking and Airbnb for holiday houses, pool villas, self-catering family apartments, and simple studios. Prices vary depending on the area, location, number of beds, and facilities, ranging from a few hundred euros to 25-30 euros per night.

Occasionally, you will find our testimonials on our blog about various places, with the hope of helping you save time and effort in your own research.

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