Beaches In Crete

The Island of Sun Therapy and Vitamin Sea

 Crete, the largest island of Greece is as complex as a continent. From the geographic and touristic point of view, the attractiveness of the island comes from the natural environment and the mild Mediterranean climate that provides the longest beach-lounging season in all of Greece. Stretching over 1000 kilometers, the shores of Crete offer a wide variety of beaches, from those distinguished by their exotic beauty in the heart of spectacular sceneries to the most popular and crowded beaches in tourist areas, preferred for the modern facilities, kid-friendliness, diversity of leisure services, and accessibility by car or by bus.

 The cosmopolitan north coast is the main touristy area with organized beaches, luxurious holiday resorts, and most of the urban developments. Popular for its wild landscapes, tropical atmosphere, and pristine beaches, the south coast is the favorite destination of romantic boho-style couples, adventurous backpackers, and naturists.

 Whatever region you have chosen for your holiday, in case you are not a guest at a beach hotel, you can explore nearby to find your favorite place to sunbathe. You may discover secluded rocky coves, protected from winds and currents, vast stretches of golden sand which invite for a long walk at sunset, or fine gravel providing you with a natural foot massage, beaches with restless frothy waves, or calm, shallow waters where children can play freely, beaches with wonderful seascapes revealing a palette of iridescent shades, from bright emerald to deep azure blue.

 Many beaches in Crete have been awarded the eco-label ”Blue Flag”, based on meeting 32 relevant criteria dealing with cleanliness, water quality, safety and services, information provision, environmental management and education. “Blue Flag” is an International program concerning the annual awards related to coasts, marinas and tourist boats, which in Greece is conducted by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN)With 497 award-winning beaches, Greece ranks 2nd in the world among 47 countries in terms of blue flags, and the national and local authorities are continuously preoccupied to improve the quality and safety of bathing waters and beaches. 

 You should not miss some of the best Cretan beaches such as Balos, Elafonisi, Prevli, or Vai, which have gained more and more attention in recent years and continue to attract visitors from Europe and around the world.