CRETE HOLIDAYS and Summer Vibes / Video

Sun Is Shining, The Weather Is Sweet @ Stalis Beach Crete Greece 

 Early morning in Stalida. A cool breeze blow is playing with the shell garland in the balcony, giving a slightly, crystalline wake-up call.  The body slowly revives, leaving itself invaded by matinal perceptions and sensations.

 Rising over the sea, Helios, the Sun God, takes off to the skies in his majestic chariot of fire, ready to shed on the earth his gift of light, heat, and energy of life… With soft whispers, foamy fringes outspread from the turquoise veil of the sea are stroking the empty, still asleep beaches. From time to time, the silence of the sunrise is pierced by the sharp shouts of the restless seagulls, flying above the foreshores, in search of some breakfast.

 The world is blinking, pulsing, and moving. Excited by the morning light, all the souls vibrate in a quickening crescendo, composing a new refrain of the hymn to the sun and life. Hello, everybody! Move up! It’s a summer holiday! A perfect new day begins in Stalida and there’s no minute to waste!

The Call of The Blue Waves and Sunny Beach

 Soon, the flowery alleys of the resorts and the public roads are filled with swarms of tourists equipped with water mattresses and towels, marching towards the beach. Nestled in a beautiful green area around Malia gulf, with a stunning hilly panorama in the background, Stalis (or Stalida for the locals) is famous for its wide, well-landscaped, and sandy beaches, ideal for families with children, couples looking for lazy vacations and, not less, for the sun&sea therapy lovers of all ages.

 With their tropical appearance, the towering palm trees guard the promenade beach road, rising from place to place over the canvas, bamboo, and reed covers of the terraces. Most of the taverns and bars rent beach umbrellas and sunbeds, competing with each other in entertaining their guests and serving drinks, refreshing snacks, ice cream, and other goodies.

 Happy vibes are spread all around, turning into, let’s say, a positive social “contamination”: smiley adults in a relaxed or playful mood, excited teenagers laughing and making comic jumps in the sea waves, creative kids building sandcastles together with their new buddies or having fun with their families, seniors socializing while practicing their water aerobics routine…

Well Earned Getaway and Quality Beach Time

 Away from worries, mental noise, and the daily stress of city life, people are getting connected through a sense of well-being and conviviality, combining the benefits of immersion in the pure wild nature with complete body-mind rest, or with lively activities. There are a lot of options for active relaxation on the sand or in the water, like beach volley, popular beach tennis, climbing around rocky plateaus, or long walks in shallow water.

 For some memorable experiences with a little dose of adrenaline, the water sports stations offer parasailing, ski jets, floating tubes, pedal boats, and kayaks. The diving clubs organize scuba and snorkeling activities for beginners and advanced explorers, as well.

 Private boat rentals and boat trips are available for families and groups, including coast cruising, sea safari, wildlife scouting, sailing, fishing, and entertainment programs. Don’t be afraid if you meet the Pirate Ship! A cheerful Captain Cook will say hello to you and invite you to join his team of pirates for the funniest deck party!

 When the Sun Goes Down Over the Sea

 With such many attractions, time is flowing very fast in Stalida. Late afternoon is still a good time to spend on the beach, in Stalida. Maybe you try a last bath in the sea waves, upon your departure. Or, a simple barefoot walking, along the beach, hand in hand with your beloved one… It's time for a romantic afternoon mood. Not to forget, the selfie photo souvenir! 3-2-1 and chee...ese! :)

 But the most beautiful and last event is to come at the end of the day… because, here, in this small corner of the world, the sunset has something special. The burning disk of the sun quickly hiding behind the hill, and the blue sea shimmering in the twilight, are painting an unforgettable piece of Nature’s art…

 The sundown in Crete, this repetitive predictable spectacle, every time gorgeous, but never the same, invites you to enjoy the colorful panorama of the sky and listen to the murmur of the sea. The perfect ambiance to exercise your body-mind-soul presence and connection. An invitation to your inner world...

Contemplate. Meditate. Breathe. Look at the sun. Feel your heart beating. Just be.

All we need is Love and Sunshine…


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