Traditional Greek Night in Crete / Video

Traditional Greek Night, Cretan Dance, and Live Music in Crete

 Greek folk dances and music are as alive today as they were in ancient times, representing important elements in the social and cultural life of the Greek people. There is no key community or family event that is lacking in music and dance because these forms of artistic expressions are the priceless legacy of this joyful and welcoming nation and its solar motherland…

 Thanks to the vast Greek diaspora that brought the traditions out of borders and, in particular, to the star actor Anthony Quinn and his exuberant famous sirtaki dance in “Zorba the Greek” musical movie (1964),  Greek dances are recognized and admired in many corners of the world and obviously have become an attraction for holidaymakers in the Greek lands.

 No wonder many restaurants in touristic areas organize Greek live folk music programs with professional dancers, to capture the interest of any visitor and to offer, along with the flavor of traditional dishes, a warm, cheerful, and enthusiastic atmosphere to their customers.

 We have gladly accepted the invitation of Penelope and Kostas, our lovely hosts at Kostas Taverna & All Day CafĂ©, to attend the artistic program of Greek Night, a perfect match between the good mood, socializing and tasty cuisine.

 This event gave us the opportunity to enjoy the electric ambiance at their terrace restaurant, to interact with their international guests, and to experience together some quality time for the most memorable holiday evening in Crete…

 Dressed in the wonderful folk costumes, two pairs of dancers delight the tourists with their skillful graceful movements, the varied choreography and interpretation style of Cretan and pan-Hellenic dances. Accompanied by a band of musicians masterly playing the traditional lute, mandolin, violin, lyre, and other rarer instruments (such as the bulgari, the askomandoura or the thiamboli), the dancers present an excellent program of traditional folk dances such as syrtos, kalamatianos, pyrrhichios, hasapiko, pentozali, ikariotikos and sirtaki coming from all regions of Greece, including Crete island (it is known that Greece counts over 4,000 traditional dances spread across the country).

 Fitting the theme of the music, the dancers are either fast or slow, drawing the aerial sharp or smooth flow of movements with their bodies and forming circles, lines or couples… The suites of complex steps - almost danced on the tip of the toes - are often interspersed with spectacular jumps and pirouettes of men, while women gracefully keep the pace, with an elegant attitude and vivid gestures.

 Anyone tempted to join? For the guests who love new cultural experiences, it’s time to get the first Greek dance lesson and to try some simple steps! "Pame! Let’s Do It!”.With our hands placed on the neighbor’s shoulders or waist, we’re singing, jumping, turning around, dancing in a circle, or in a party happy train, like kids…We’re definitely getting a lot of fun while burning some calories...

 The magic of this ritual is that people from everywhere, of any age, religion, or skin color are holding their hands and smiling to each other and, well… each of us is good enough to perform even a table dance, in the applause of the others! A wonderful feeling of being accepted, admired, or supported reconnects us with the inner child. Unrestricted, totally unselfconscious, innocent, and devoid of the fear of others’ opinions. What a beautiful world we can create, thus!

 If you are on your holiday in Crete, don’t miss a Geek Music & Dance Night!  It's not only about a cultural experience, but about soul vibrations, joy, and connection!


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