Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! / Video

Christmas Holidays & New Year Greetings from Crete!

 The solar island of Crete, a well-known destination for summer holidays, has also become an all-seasons attraction for lovers of nature, history, culture, or gastronomy.

 As in many corners of the world, December - the month of traditional holidays, parties, and gifts - is also one of the most beautiful months of the year, when the spirit of the community vibrates in a good mood, soul connection between people, and joy of life.

Christmas Time in Cretan-urban style

 In December, it seems the time becomes shorter, and the Cretans' life is more intense, due to lots of indoor and outdoor activities providing quality time together. Traffic and shopping in stores increase the city's hustle and bustle. Cultural events, parties, and evening outings with friends or colleagues are intertwined with festive family gatherings for the sharing of presents under the Christmas tree, and lunch with loved ones. 

  Restaurants, pubs, and cafes compete with their menus of tasty food and seasonal drinks. At the small terraces heated with electric or gas lamps and festively decorated, tourists eager to explore Cretan gastronomy enjoy the cheerful atmosphere, socializing and spontaneously becoming friends with the locals.

   The commercial arteries with bright decorations pulsate until late in the evening, leading their visitors to the central square, where, for a month, during the Christmas Market, the crafts and traditional arts, music, and Cretan lifestyle are proudly highlighted.

Greetings for the New Year's from Crete!

 On New Year's Eve, most of the Cretans love to stay home and have a good time with family and friends, around a table full of traditional goodies. Now is the time to split the famous "Vasilopita"( St. Basil's cake), which hides a coin that, according to tradition, will bring good luck throughout the year to those who find it. People who want to add more sparkle and glamour to the celebration choose the parties at hotels, restaurants, or clubs, offering food, drinks, and entertainment.

 Many others prefer to gather in the heart of the city, to enjoy the New Year's Eve concert, supported by talented local musicians and dancers and children's choirs. At midnight, the show includes a brief speech by the officials, followed by the classic countdown and goodbye to the Old Year.

 In the people’s enthusiasm, the New Year begins with champagne, wishes and hugs, fireworks, and famous happy Greek and international songs performed by the brass band of the city. From here, a lot of people move to terraces, clubs, and pubs to continue drinking, dancing, having fun, and socializing, till sunrise.

 If you'd like to enrich your winter holiday with a memorable experience, just close your eyes and make your wishes for the New Year, here in Crete!

...3...2...1... Happy New Year!  Xronia Polla!

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