Attractions and Experiences

 Crete island is as rich and complex as an entire continent. Anything that can delight the eye and soul of a modern traveler is here: spectacular landforms and golden beaches, geological wonders and curiosities, stunningly beautiful landscapes, great biodiversity, strong historical, cultural, and spiritual legacy, vibrant cities, dreamy villages, magnificent resorts, local food production, and gastronomy, a vivid, cohesive society, deeply rooted in tradition, but with a balanced dose of cosmopolitanism and consumerism.

 Crete is a destination for total relaxation, energy restoration, and self-connection. A realm of sensory experiences, nature exploration, learning, and self-development. Apart from the well-known sunny vacations, Crete is worth visiting throughout the year, being a favorite destination for thematic tourism. Once you’ve savored all its offerings, its rich diversity, and countless attractions and you’ve experienced the genuine hospitality of its people, you will want to come back again and again, because there is no way you’re going to fit in all in just a few days!

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Sun, Sea, Health & Wellness

From April to October, the island surrenders to millions of tourists, who come to get rest and have fun or improve wellbeing and health through natural factors: sun, seawater, salty aerosols, and clean air. On the north coast, beaches are well organized especially within the resort, being ideal places for families with children, while the south coast has exotic, wild, and pristine beaches, far from civilization. Visitors of Crete can also enjoy the benefits of total relaxation, rejuvenation, and recovery treatments offered by a large variety of spa, medical wellness, and holistic centers. The romantic sunsets and beautiful landscapes and in fact the whole ambiance make Crete the dream destination for honeymoon or bohemian-style beach weddings.

Sport, Nature & Adventure

Crete is the ideal holiday destination for active people, most of the resorts offering guests the chance to combine a relaxing stay with practicing their favorite sport. In summer, water sports centers promote recreational and fun activities like kayaking,  jet skiing, or motor boating, but also some with a little bit of adrenaline, like scuba diving, parasailing, or kitesurfing. In wintertime, the highest peaks of Cretan mountains are suitable for snow sports, out of which ski mountaineering, snowboarding, and snowkiting are now on-trend. Crete is a heaven for mountain lovers, many mountaineering, exploration, and adventure clubs proposing a variety of outdoor activities and unforgettable experiences beyond the places reached by car, such as hiking, trekking, canyoning, and caving.

Discover, Explore & Learn

Exploring Crete’s unique archaeology, history, and culture, the beauty of nature, and great biodiversity, the secrets of the underground and underwater world is an exciting activity and memorable experience that enriches you with new knowledge and higher consciousness. The archaeological sites, history museums, and exhibits open all year round, offer an impressive perspective on the history and culture of Crete, from the Neolithic Age to the 20th century. With its hundreds of monasteries, churches, and hermitages, some of them hosting ecclesial art collections, Crete is an ideal place for religious pilgrimage and worship. It worth visiting museums of nature, science, art, technology, or folklore, places that reveal the richness and uniqueness of the natural environment but also the creativity, inventiveness, and artistic spirit of the people who have inhabited the island over time.

Meet Culture and People

Crete’s mythology, tumultuous past, and successive epochs of cultural influences are reflected in many aspects of people’s lives today, such as language, dance, music, food, arts, crafts, traditions, and customs. Grace to its philosophy and quality of ingredients, Cretan cuisine is generally recognized as one of the healthiest in the world. Traditional occupations are still alive in Crete, resisting the invasion of modern technology and the exodus of youth to big cities, and being an attraction to tourists everywhere. Alternative tourism has grown significantly in recent years, grace to the big demand of modern travelers for “return-to-nature” experiences, or rural-style holiday. Festivals, popular feasts, national and religious holidays, or just simple receiving of guests are occasions for Cretan people to show their genuine hospitality, warmth, and merry company.