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Getting in the atmosphere of the place

 Imagine that you have just landed on the sunny island of Crete, for the dream holiday you were longing for. You booked your stay at the Iridachic Boutique Hotel & Spa in Stalis, located 8 km east of Hersonissos and a walking distance of Stalis Beach. Featuring an elegant combination of rustic Mediterranean architecture and contemporary minimalist design, this boutique hotel seems greatly appreciated by guests for its atmosphere and services.

 From the airport, you throw your luggage in the rented car and head to the hotel, eager to pick your room up and gloriously hug the huge bed, then to unpack quickly and get ready for the beach. You've got a few days of rest and abandonment in a "laissez-faire" bohemian mood as you dreamed of and… the countdown has just started. So here you are in your holiday nest, finally.

 The room is a magical and bright space, where the sun's rays slip smoothly through the wide windows, after soaking up the refreshing green of the garden. Like an invisible fan, the sea breeze swings the curtains among which you can glimpse a hammock, lazily hanging alongside two sunbeds sleeping in the sun. The silhouette of a spacious banquet, covered by a few pillows, shows the place to enjoy your coffee, in the morning, peacefully. Or, the glass of wine, only you and your partner under the romantic moon, dressed up in a barefoot boho outfit.

 As the hotel concept is focused on the journey of the senses and intimate well-being, you are also invited to indulge yourself at the restaurant with the exquisite Cretan cuisine in a modern vision, to savor a drink at the lounge bar, to relax and pamper with your favorite spa experience or to unwind at the spa pool garden.

The room at a glance

 The interior design is like an infusion of the natural environment in the private space, creating a relaxing atmosphere through simplicity. You step inside with a strong feeling of "grounding", while your eyes get rest with the play of eco-friendly elements, shapes, volumes, and textures, with neutral tones, inspired by the landscapes of Crete. The nostalgia of traditional peasant houses takes the form of furniture and accessories made of natural materials with raw contours such as stone, wood, bamboo, straw, twine, and unprinted cotton fabrics, while in the bathroom, the mosaic and lighting fixtures in blue water and sand colors give the vibe of the cooling sea and sunny beach.

 The minimal room compartmentalization and the furniture design without doors configure an open, airy, fluid space, with austere minimalism, but precisely through this, making the details remarkable. Everything is just as visible and hidden, at the same time, by angles, parapets, lights, and shadows, or semi-transparencies. In the center of the room stands the "heavy piece" - the canopy bed with the seductive and generous mattress on a sturdy wooden frame, and a cloth veil hanging around artistically, adding to the architectural effect, the contrast between its aristocratic size and rustic aspect. Closer to the windows, the soft white armchair and the small office corner create a sitting area – either lazy or busy (not recommended), as you prefer.

 As atypical ingredients put together ingeniously, other details bring a feeling of picturesque luxury into the comfort and ambiance of the room. The fine bed linen, versus the rural rugs, the dried wildflowers in transparent delicate pots, the decorative huge lampshades of woven twigs through which the warm light projects on the walls hypnotic shades, the wooden vintage tray at mini-bar, with the pair glasses and a bottle of noble wine awaiting the degustation…

 The room at Iridachic Boutique Hotel & Spa offers you a distinct aesthetic environment, to enjoy your holiday in a relaxed nonconformist mood, away from the rhythm and patterns of the technological world.

Room Amenities
  • Free WiFi
  • Air conditioning
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Mini refrigerator 
  • Electric kettle
  • Safe
  • Hairdryer and free toiletries
  • Towels
  • Private furnished balcony
  • Non-smoking
  • Daily housekeeping

For more information about the hotel, facilities, and bookings, visit the website

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