Breathtaking Sunset in Crete

Admiring a Spectacle of Colors and Magic

 Crete Island has a unique geographical location, like a mountainous strip in the middle of the boundless expanse of the Mediterranean Sea. Its long coasts, aligned in the east-west direction, offer tourists the privilege of admiring both sunrise and sunset, reflecting in the luster of the sea.

 Crete is the "island of the sun", having the longest beach season of all European summer holiday destinations (from April to October) and the most numerous and longest sunny days a year. The golden beaches and spectacular shores, the soothing lines of the hills with the imposing mountains in the background, and the shades of seawater, from emerald green to bright turquoise and deep blue, make Crete the ideal place for total rest and psycho-sensory relaxation.

 Memorable sunsets, which you simply cannot miss, bring extra romance and poetry to your holiday in Crete. For a few minutes, the metamorphosis of the celestial colors gives you the amazing feeling that the planet is immersed in the crucible of an alchemist painter.

When the great globe of fire descends to the horizon, and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea look like a simmering magma, the legend is that Helios, the Sun God, sinks with his triumphal chariot into the sea.

 Kalinichta, Helios! See you tomorrow! 😊

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