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"Crete, Sense the Authentic" 

 Since the expansion of mass tourism in the 1970s, not only has Crete become a popular destination for Europeans interested in summer vacations but also for travelers from around the world, keen to explore the legendary homeland of Zeus and discover its mysteries, riches, and beauties.

 The diversity of landforms and nature, Edenic beaches, friendly climate, splendor of landscapes, fascinating millennial history, a cultural treasure, local customs and traditions, unrivaled cuisine, and the locals' warm and cheerful spirit conquers the soul of any visitor and delights the senses. 

 Seductive in simplicity and authenticity, Crete island abducts you out of space and time, into an idyllic realm, from which you no longer want to leave. Crete is the adventure park of your inner child, the therapeutic retreat of the tired adult, and the quiet, blessed shore where old age seems as beautiful as a sunset.

 We discovered a beautiful video clip with the message "Crete, Sense the Authentic", part of the Crete official advertising campaign, which invites people to discover the tourist experience on the island. We are pleased to share it with you here. 

If youd like, you can find more interesting information about what to see and do in Crete, on our Attractions and Experiences page.

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