"We Are What We Eat" / Videos We Like

 "We Are What We Eat: Crete" / Videos We Like

 Since the middle of the last century, countless testimonies have been gathered from researchers, sociologists, doctors, and nutritionists who have visited the island of Crete and studied the lifestyle and traditional eating style of its inhabitants, especially those in mountainous rural communities. 

 Nowadays, when it is proven that the industrialized production, genetic manipulation, and chemification of food, together with the “fast food” style of consumption threatens human health, the so-called “Mediterranean diet” which reflects the ancient wisdom and eating habits of the Cretan elders is today studied in gastronomy schools around the world.

 Far from being a fad, traditional Cretan cuisine has become a model of inspiration for people who live consciously, concerned with health, vitality, longevity, and happiness. Related to this topic, we have discovered an interesting and funny video reportage by the French photographer and explorer Matthieu Paley, a famous contributor to the documentaries of the National Geographic channel. We are happy to share the video ”We are what we eat!” with you, here!

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