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"Crete - White Dreams: Uncovering an Untapped Ski Touring Paradise" by DYNAFIT

 For those who are passionate about winter sports, Crete can be an interesting destination. Although known as a solar island, ideal for summer holidays, it offers countless surprises to tourists who venture to visit it in the off-season. Especially in December-April, the luckiest lovers of skiing, snowboarding, and snow-kiting, can venture into the realm of Cretan snow on Psiloritis Mountain with an altitude of 2,456 m and Lefka Ori with the highest peak at 2,453 m.

 Crete does not have ski resorts, because the temperate climate, with tropical influences, would not allow sustainable snow deposits, and the mountainous areas are not prepared to host adequate tourist facilities, with different slopes for beginners and advanced. Despite this, Crete has become the most surprising and new European ski destination, offering a "non-conformist" alternative to athletes eager to avoid the specific congestion of consecrated ski resorts and explore new snowy territories. And why not, to end a day of hiking and skiing with a swim in the sea waters.

 If you have good skiing skills, a 2-3 day alpine touring organized in Crete, a combination of hiking, cross-country skiing, and off-piste skiing, with overnight stays in specially designed shelters, is an extraordinary adventure worth trying. Outdoor activities and alternative tourism clubs, such as Cretan Adventures, which you can find out more about on their website (www.cretanadventures.gr), are ready to help you.

 In search of unique images of the wild landscapes and unspoiled parts of the Cretan mountains, we discovered this adorable video, entitled "Crete - White Dreams: Uncovering an untapped ski touring paradise by DYNAFIT", which we are happy to share with you.

And in this post on our blog, we offer you four other reasons to visit Crete in winter.

Enjoy the white dreams of Crete! 

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