Agios Nikolaos - A Scenic Town for Romantic Getaways

One of the most popular destinations for couples in Crete

 Agios Nikolaos, the capital of Lassithi Prefecture, is a medium-sized port town, located on Crete’s northeast coast, just over an hour (64 km) from Heraklion. Nestled between three hills in the northernmost point of Mirabello Bay - the largest golf in Crete, it displays unique panoramas in which the sea, as if detached from the vast blue sky, meets the spectacular shores, pristine beaches, and bustling esplanades.

 Rustic but elegant, harmoniously blending traditional and neoclassical architecture, with streets that invite endless romantic strolls or fun shopping, with old Byzantine churches, museums, art galleries, and, above all, friendly and welcoming locals, Agios Nikolaos is one of Crete's most popular tourist destinations, especially for couples. 

 The town is surrounded by the sea on three sides, each with a distinct character and atmosphere: Voulismeni Lake, Kitroplatia municipal beach, and Marina Port:

  Lake Voulismeni is a thermal water lagoon, bordered by a hill with lush vegetation and connected to the sea by a narrow channel. Legend has it that this is where the goddess Athena used to bathe. In the background is the Island of Agii Pantes (All Saints), which protects the shore from currents, like a natural barrier. Restaurants with a relaxed atmosphere make Voulismeni a favorite socializing place for tourists and locals, as well as a symbol of the city.

 Kitroplatia is a town-center-by-the-sea beach location, great for a leisurely swim and sunbathing with a cocktail in your hand. A nice selection of beach bars and caf├ęs spreads cheerful vibes around the bay, together with a handful of romantic boutique hotels and apartments with beautiful sea views.

 On the other side of the town, a walk around the cosmopolitan tourist port popularly called Marina offers another charming iconic view. This is the place of sea-loving voyagers and their dazzling small boats and yachts, from all over the world.

Across Centuries, Under St. Nicholas' Protection

 Saint Nicholas / Agios Nikolaos, is the patron saint of Greece, whose primary role is as the protector of sailors and ships. The name of the town was given after the old church of Agios Nikolaos in Ormos, located west of the city, most probably built in the early Byzantine age, before the Arab conquest of Crete in 827-828.

 The town emerged partially over the site of the Minoan "Lato pros Kamara", the seaport of Lato town near Kritsa, considered the best-preserved city of the Classical Hellenistic era. For a long period of history including Byzantine and Venetian rule, unlike its westernmost counterparts, Agios Nikolaos was not fortified and remained a small fishing village, exposed to pirate robberies and ottoman destruction. In the Second World War, the Germans deposited all their war material at the bottom of Lake Voulismeni, before leaving Crete in 1944.

 Early 20th century, the capital of Lassithi was moved to Agios Nikolaos and since then, the town has transformed into a picturesque fashionable resort and a holiday dream destination. Today, the modern town of Agios Nikolaos with its cosmopolitan port constitutes the commercial center of Lassithi, serving as a hub for the numerous, small villages, farms, and tourist resorts, that make up that part of the island.

 Despite the rapid tourist development in the last six decades, Agios Nikolaos retains its authentic spirit of a welcoming, beautiful, and timeless town, with open-hearted people, embracing its visitors and providing unique experiences and memories.

Welcome to Agios Nikolaos!


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