The Ancient City of Lato in Pictures

 A Precious Testimony of Cretan Antiquity

  Nestled on a hill in the heart of nature, not far from the village of Kritsa and 10 km from  Agios Nikolaos, the Lato Archaeological Site is an impressive testimony to the great history and cultural heritage of Crete. Offering visitors an impressive glimpse into daily life and architecture from the Classical and Hellenistic periods, Lato is considered one of the best-preserved ancient city-states in Crete, and among the most complex of its kind in Greece.

  According to archaeological evidence, Lato was an important and prosperous city-state between the 7th and 2nd centuries BC. Not only did it offer its inhabitants a panoramic view of the surrounding environment and the bay, but its elevation and strategic location allowed this settlement to take control of the commercial sea routes, becoming a prominent economic power in the area. Later, engaged in conflicts with neighboring city-fortresses, Lato entered a stage of decadence, being finally conquered by the Romans.

 The ruins of the fortress continue to preserve evidence of the architectural mastery of its inhabitants. The city was strategically arranged in the form of a network on several levels, traces of streets, houses, and public buildings can still be identified today. Walking through the narrow stone-paved streets, you can admire the labyrinthine and sophisticated constructions, the stone block walls - some megalithic - and imagine the daily life of the people who once called the Lato citadel "home".

  One of the attractions of the archaeological site is the Sanctuary of the Nymphs, a sacred place where rituals and ceremonies used to take place. No ancient settlement would be complete without a theatre, and Lato is no exception. The stone benches placed in rows and steps will challenge your imagination in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the city's cultural life and the reverberation of gatherings and performances in this ”hive” of Cretan antiquity.

 Exploring the Lato Archaeological Site is not just about contemplating the ruins; it is also about unraveling the stories of the past. Archaeologists have discovered artifacts and inscriptions that shed light on the daily life, political dynamics, and social structures of ancient Lato. These finds provide valuable insights into the life of the city and its significance in the wider context of Greek antiquity. Some of the most important vestiges brought to light here can be admired at the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion.

 Our visit to Lato was a true journey back in time.  We are happy to share our photo album with you!


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